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Simply Exclusive

Kuwait Catalyst Company is the only catalyst plant in the entire region that manufactures Catalyst for the crude oil refining process. The plant, having a production capacity of 5,000 MTPA is licensed to produce hydro treating catalysts under the Technology license from the internationally renowned Catalyst Technology supplier, M/s. Japan Energy Corporation, Japan

Modern & sophisticated

The plant is designed, supervised constructed and commissioned by the Japanese Licensor. The exclusive engineering and design, with latest, automatic, digital process control and manufacturing management systems is the main appeal of the catalyst plant. The hi-tech plant consists of:
Two production Trains
Kneading, Extrusion
Drying & Calcining Components
Utility systems
Waste gas treatment System
Waste water treatment System
Laboratory & Pilot Plant
Material Warehouse

Alumina Silos KCC has recently installed two silos with a capacity of 220 M3 each. These silos will be charged with alumina powder from a container by pneumatic conveying (blowing) and the unloading will be completely automated using a DCS system. With this installation the pollution level in the working area (especially the powder charging area) will be dramatically reduced, as the alumina transferring will be done in a sealed atmosphere. Since the powder from the Silo will be transferred to the existing storage bin, there won’t be any change in the process of transfer of powder to the downstream system. These Silos are equipped with a fluidization system which will help in homogenizing the properties of powder before it is actually used up in the downstream process. This will ensure smooth operation with minimal changes in the operating parameters. The storage of alumina in silo requires less space as compared to storage of alumina in sacks in the warehouse.The storage of alumina in silos requires lower costs than that incurred from using sacks because of the automation of the alumina conveying system. The efficiency of KCC’s manufacturing facility will be boosted with the installation of the Silos.