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Catalyst for ARDS & VRDS

HOP 600 Series - Atmospheric Residue and Vacuum Residue Desufurization Catalysts

Catalyst for activity graded loading

High metal tolerance catalyst
Superior high metal tolerance catalyst with dual type pore size distribution.

Catalyst for demetallation

High demetallation and desulfurizaiton catalyst.
Tailored shapes and pore size distributions provide high HDM selectively, enhanced selectivity towards refractory metal compound removal, large metal uptake capacity and       better asphaltene removal.
Neutral alumina carrier greatly reduces internal diffusional limitations for heavy molecules and provides high hydrogenation activity by preventing basic asphaltene molecules       from the deactivation of acidic sites
Improved mesopore structure increases catalytic surface area and diffusivity of metals and metal uptake capacity.
Optimised inter-connecitons of the macropores provide enhanced diffusion of metal-containing molecules into the catalyst pellets thus preventing pore-mouth plugging

HOP 800 Series - Catalysts for high desulfurization, denitrification performance and hydrogenation of residue

High metal performance desulfurizaiton catalyst
High denitrificaiton and cracking activities catalysts
Higher desulfurization performance and metal durability than any other commercial catalyst

Hydrogenation function selectively converts asphaltenses and asphaltene side chains resulting in

Large Reduction in conradson carbon
Significant increase in H/C ratio
Reduction in specific gravity
Can achieve up to 90% HDS/HDN and upto 60% conversion of residue