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HOP 400 and 500 series

Catalyst for Vacuum Gas Oil Hydrotreating and mild hydrocracking, naphtha, Kerosene, diesel fuels(low gas oil, gas oil, lubricating oil)

Catalyst for Vacuum Gas Oil

NiMo catalyst of high activities for desulfurization, denitrification and cracking which has higher denitrification and cracking performance than CoMo catalyst
CoMo catalyst of high performance for desulfurization and denitrification. Catalyst for desulfurization of VGO, having higher activities of desulfurization and denitrification than       any other commercial CoMo catalyst
Desulfurization and mild hydrocracking catalyst with longer operation life than any other commercial catalyst
Newly developed desulfurization catalyst of a higher activity of mild hydrocracking

Catalyst for Naphtha, Kerosene and Diesel (LHO,HGO)

Desulfurization catalysts of NiMo type with high denitrification activities
CoMo catalysts of high activities of desulfurization
Newly developed catalysts for deep desulfurization diesel fuels
CoMo catalysts of high performance for desulfurization and denitrification .

Catalyst for Lubricating

Characterized by a high homogeneity of alumina particles and uniform dispersion of activated metals
Catalyst achieves a higher level of catalytic activity for HDS, HDN and hydrodearomatisation.
Unique aromatic hydrogenation capabilities allow for upgrading VGO to low sulfur and low aromatic premium products
500 Series can be either single-stage or two-stage catalysts
Improved HDN activity results in significant improvements of downstream FCC performance
Mild Hydro cracking function represents a reduced cost operation for increasing the yield of high cetane, low sulfur diesel fuel