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Proven 'HOP' Technology

The plant utilizes the most recent, commercially proven, high performance 'HOP' Catalyst Technology provided by the international licensors who have long recognized R&D capabilities. The attributes of 'HOP' technology are :
Internationally Approved & Used
Commercially proven
High performance products
Safe & environment friendly
Values are set above customer requirement

KCC is recognizant of the fact that the Catalyst industry develops at a rapid pace and technology is improving. The cornerstone of KCC's long-term strategy is to provide its clients with latest, innovative and high performance products with advanced technology.

Research & Development

Kuwait Catalyst Company is thoughtful of the technology life cycle and through its continuous R & D programs, poised to provide products and services of impeccable quality to its valued customers. The steadfast commitment to the industry has necessitated KCC to implement continuous research program for development of new products and new processes. In addition to KCC's own research and development capabilities, it avails the R&D services of reputed research institutes locally and internationally. A substantial amount has been invested in this direction and a premium of its annual sales is set apart towards this vital research and development work